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From Dream to Line | From Line to Reality...

Foundation, 1980s

ÖZTÜRK Brothers, which has been serving in the food industry for many years as a family business as a father's profession, has deep roots that go back to the beginning as "Öztürk Carpenter Workshop" on a 70m2 area in Gebze in 1983...

It has served in wooden joinery window and door products. Its products are still used today.


With the widespread use of Particleboard "Particle Board" in the market, it entered the Ready-made kitchen panel furniture production process without losing any time to switch to Panel Furniture. In 1992, it operated with the first Kitchen-Bathroom-Door stores in Gebze. It has become a sought-after furniture supplier in its region. By making another attempt to break new ground in its sector;

In 1994, it operated in Gebze with its first Young room-Bedroom stores. In the same period, it did not lag behind in the Movable Furniture sector, as well as its own production, and undertook the dealership of strong brands in the sector.


Our company, which wants to promote its products abroad, became the first furniture company from Gebze to participate in fairs in 2001. In this way, it exported its products to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Mali and Iraq. The designed products are created from a combination of craftsmanship, aesthetic design and functional design. From the very beginning, our company has been synonymous with quality, original designs-materials and a passion for detail.


Going to the goal of branding, it continued on its way with the name "Vane Dekor". In the years when Turkey's Industry Science Informatics City, Gebze, started to grow even more, it has become the furniture supplier of many Factories, Mass Housing, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Restaurants, State-Public Institutions and it always continues this task. It has continued to develop its machine park in a way that always keeps up with the technology.

In order to maintain its connections abroad, the Company moved its entire facility to Erbil, Iraq, as of 2018, as a result of its decision.

continues its activities in this country. He has joined Özkan Company since 2018.